About Us: Why BBR?

Over the last five years there have been more than 45 BBR forums across the country with the bioscience community and state public policy makers. Our mission is to promote public policies that on a local, state, and federal level safeguard and sustain America's place as the world leader in bioscience.

Congress is considering issues of great importance to the bioscience community: intellectual property protection, capital investment, workforce issues, FDA reform and price controls. It is vital that policy makers take into account the positions of the bioscience community. As Congress debates health care reform, the bioscience industry supports expanding access to high-quality, affordable health care while supporting innovation.

Intellectual Property Protection

To encourage companies to take risks in the search for new medicines, the government must ensure intellectual property protections that will promote scientific discovery. Without these protections and rights of data exclusivity, it would be nearly impossible for bioscience companies to embark on the research and development process, particularly in the cutting-edge biologic medicines now being created. We support strong, effective, and predictable patent and data protections that preserve and promote innovation.

Capital Investment

Capital investment is the fuel that drives our efforts to find new medicines to improve the quality and length of lives. We discourage policies that will drive venture capital and other investment away from supporting the discovery of new treatments and cures. Investments in biosciences are by no means guaranteed and we promote policies that recognize the important role of capital to the biosciences.

Workforce Issues

The bioscience industry is an intellectual and economic engine for the United States with high paying jobs that require an educated and available workforce. Increased emphasis on science and math education throughout the educational process must be encouraged, promoted, and supported to ensure our ability to compete in the global marketplace. Also, we support a balanced, sensible, and comprehensive immigration plan that securely provides the workers needed for America's bioscience industry and to maintain global competitiveness.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reform

America leads the world in bioscience development. We support a strong Food and Drug Administration to ensure our regulatory system is second to none and able to keep pace with advancing technologies. We support providing the FDA sufficient resources to protect patients and consumers, and efforts to promote public confidence and trust in the FDA.

Price Controls

Patient choice, quality of care, and the encouragement of innovation are all preserved by meaningful competition. Explicit or indirect price controls could undermine these policy goals. To that end, we oppose efforts to impose artificial price controls on the marketplace or within government programs – such as the removal of the non-interference clause within the very successful Medicare Part D program.

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